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Brooklyn's Fairy Tale


                 A Middle-Grade Fantasy

  In a small-town boarding house, a girl discovers she’s living with an immortal witch. Sorcery tempts the troubled 11-year old, but apprenticing the Witch opens the door to a world of darkness the young apprentice must conquer with her own hidden fairy magic.


   Lured into the dark folds of the Witch’s cloak, Brooklyn unwittingly stirs up a deathly blizzard in the Witching Hours. “Winter is the season of the fire witch,” the Witch tells her apprentice. They were words from another world and time where winter meant a host of foreboding, otherworldly, and magical things.



Yamsville, a small town where magic hides in the     woods and on a cobblestone lane.


                                                          Map by Elisabeth Alba                                   




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Addie's Map of Yamsville

From Chapter 2 - Lotus Tea Can you find the bridge that can take you thousands of miles away and across oceans?