In a world of increasing violence and dwindling compassion for other human beings and the living creatures with which we share this earth, children’s fiction is my comfort.  For me, the golden rule of this genre is that it must be wholesome and have a happy ending despite tenuous or tragic beginnings.  It's a particularly great time for children's literature, which has more cross-over appeal now than ever. You'll find me sitting under Pooh’s tree with my child and a pile of books and magazines in the kiddie corner at our local Barnes & Noble.  (Thank goodness the bookstore hasn’t become a relic yet!)  Reading can alter a narrow view.  It can spark academic progress.  I can’t think of anything else as simple as opening up a book that is so powerful.


    There's something inherently lyrical and beguiling about that period between still playing with dolls and adolescence - like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, and  those who scoff at middle-grade and young adult fiction, are missing some of today's best literature.  Please see my annotated list of favorite children's and adult books under the Writer's Block tab.   


    I was raised in Northern Virginia and live in suburban Maryland with my husband and daughter, and our adopted domestic house rabbit, a Jersey Wooly named Snowdrop. 

    In memoriam, our other rabbits who have gone over the rainbow bridge were Tinkerbelle, my most beloved French Lop, Tobi, a Mini-Rex who was Tink's best friend, and Thumper, a Netherland Dwarf.  Please help save a life by adopting a rabbit from your local rabbit rescue group or animal shelter.  Rabbits are overlooked for more popular cats and dogs, but they are sensitive, sentient, spirited, and intelligent pets that reward your patience by letting you be an honorary rabbit!  House Rabbit Society is a national and international organization and may have a chapter near you.  http://rabbit.org/

    Thank you for your interest in my website!  Please send me a message via the Contact page under this tab.



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